Sunday, March 10, 2013


In today's busy world of hurried commuting, work, kids, and family, we get so caught-up in our daily schedule that we feel stuck in a rut.  One of the ways to bring a welcome change that can reinvigorate your routine is to change your immediate surroundings.

However in today's economy where a crisis looms around each corner some of us are hesitant to spend resources on decorating.  Here are a few affordable tips that can breathe new life in your apartments:

1.  RE-ARRANGE YOUR ROOMS:  Even a quick switch of furniture in the living room or bedroom to opposite sides can bring a new feel.  Experiment with angles, switch out lamps, add a couple of bright cushions, or even changing to brighter light bulbs can make a difference you can instantly appreciate.

2.  MAKE A TRIP TO THE DOLLAR STORE.  These stores have come a long way from selling only car fresheners and cheap soap! Find dollar stores that offer home decor, cleaning products, storage items, kitchen utensils, etc… You may be pleasantly surprised to see that you can decorate and have all your essentials for your apartment for a small amount of money.

3.  USE VINTAGE POSTERS OR OTHER COLLECTIBLES.  Do you collect movie posters or have a collection of vintage Coke bottles? Why not use them as decor in your apartment? Decor doesn't have to be purchased. Use your collections to display them on walls, in shadow boxes, or on a shelf to bring instant personalization to your apartment.  You will be surprised how collections can be a clever focal point or conversation starter for a room.

4.  REHANG YOUR PHOTOS OR ARTWORK.   Switch the locations of your paintings or family photos.  Put art pieces in unusual places, like above a door. Lean some against a mirror. Hang several in an asymmetrical collage, at least three inches apart.

5.  ACCESSORIZE WITH BOOKS.  Stack art, design, gardening, travel books — whatever you collect — on a table. Books are great accessories because they're so personal — they reflect your interests.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Remember your apartment is just not a place to eat and lay your head - it's also your home.