Sunday, March 24, 2013



 Most people view indoor plants as either a hobby for some persons, or a easy decor tool for others.  But did you know that there are actually healthy benefits of having plants inside your home?  Indoor plants assists with removing toxins from the air, calms the mind and relaxes the body while relieving overall stress.

Let's look at a few benefits of house plants:

1.  Filling your home with plants can decrease or eliminate headaches. With plants, you’re much less likely to be breathing the kind of stuffy, stale air that contributes to headaches due to the filtering process used by plants during photosynthesis.

2.  House plants can contribute to a feeling of well-being, making you calmer and more optimistic. Studies have shown that patients who face a garden view in their hospital rooms often recover more quickly than those facing a wall.  Also, plants with lush green foliage provides a more relaxing environment.  Research shows that green is the most relaxing color on the planet.

3.  If you are a smoker or live with one, a plant may help you remove the airborne chemicals from cigarettes.   A classic NASA study has shown that house plants can remove up to 80% of air toxins within a 24 hour period.

Some of the most popular - and beneficial - indoor plants include:  the Pothos plant, the Spider Plant, the Rubber Plant, the Diffenbachia plant (with it's two-toned leaves) - just to name a few.


So whether it for health benefits, or just for looks, you will find that placing a few house plants inside you home will be beneficial both physically and emotionally.

This spring - look at doing some indoor gardening, it might just improve your health!