Friday, May 31, 2013


Sometimes we are so caught up in the weekly rat-race of work/commute/work/commute, we rush in and out of The Mansards without realizing it's potential for our personal health improvement: it's the perfect environment for jogging.

Many experts have touted the health benefits of a regular exercise routine, especially the rewards of jogging.  Here are a few examples why jogging is good for you:

MENTAL IMPROVEMENT:  When you go out for a jog you can let your thoughts wonder. It’s here you will be able to sort out any problems in your life, whether it be work or relationship problems.  The reason why running is so good for de-stressing is because it releases endorphin, the hormone that makes us feel good.

WEIGHT LOSS:  Jogging also burns a significant amount of calories and is a perfect companion to a balanced diet for those looking to reduce their waistlines.

CARDIOVASCULAR:  The exercise given to the heart during jogging will improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system.  Regular running lowers your blood pressure and the improves the oxygen capacity of your lungs. 

INTERNAL HEALTH:  Our bones are made to accommodate the demands placed upon them. By sitting in front of the monitor all day many of us allow our bones to grow weaker, but by jogging regularly our skeleton gets the demand it needs to stay healthy. In addition to keeping our insides from aging quickly, regular, high-intensity exercise, like jogging, has been proven to promote the human growth hormone, which helps us looking younger.

Those are just a few reasons to motivate you to begin a regular exercise regiment.  Because of it's size and layout (built amongst 90 acres of natural woodland), The Mansards provides a natural setting for daily walks or runs.

This evening, why not take a stroll around the community and select an exercise route that you think will work for you best - who knows?  It may be the start of a new beginning.

(Always remember to consult your physician before starting any strenuous exercise routine or regiment.)