Friday, March 14, 2014


 While living in an apartment comes with the benefits of comfort and convenience, for some it may mean adjusting from living in a house to adapting to a smaller environment.  Here are a few tips on keeping your apartment home tastefully clutter-free:
  • Most items in your home should serve you in some way, either practically or visually. If it doesn't, time to put it in the trash or donate to a local charity.  
  • Invest in sturdy pieces of furniture that have drawers or compartments in which to tuck away things. They add extra storage space while reducing visual clutter.
  • When deciding where something should be stored, the answer should lead you closest to wherever it gets used. For example, in the kitchen, the drawers and cabinets nearest to the stove should hold your cooking utensils.
  • Stop placing odds and ends in a ‘junk drawer’.  Everything in your drawers should have a purpose and a place.  Drawer dividers are affordable and easy to find, and will help organize and contain chaos that is may lurk in your drawers.
  • Graduated shelving, dividers, and other cabinet systems can help you fit almost twice as much in your cabinets while keeping it all neatly organized and easy to grab.  Shoe racks, see-through or labeled bins, hat boxes, and units with drawers can help you tidy up your closets and give everything inside an appropriate place to reside while not in use.
  • Using decorative hooks for bathroom and closet doors and select wall space can provide quick and neat homes for keys, hats, towels and more.  Artistically groupings or arranging baskets, mason jars, and other decorative containers can be aesthetically pleasing while keeping everything you need within arm’s reach.
  • Self-Containment – Every room and every area within that room should have adequate storage for the things that are used there. If you have a home office in the dining room, this could mean a small filing cabinet and desktop organizers.
When you decide to organize your small space, scrutinize all your possessions and ask yourself whether you want to ditch it, display it, or stash it.  Get rid of anything that isn’t beautiful or useful: if you love the way something looks or use it multiple times a day, it’s best left on display.  Your small space will be organized and tidy in no time!